ARCTis™ Human Tumor - Cryopreserved 3D Tumor Models for
In Vitro Oncology Research

Enter a New Dimension of Drug Discovery with ARCTis™ - Always Ready Cryo Tissue for Cancer Drug Discovery

ARCTis™ -  cryopreserved 3D tumor models

InSphero ARCTis™ ("Always Ready Cryo Tissues") is an innovative 3D cell culture technology that enables lead compounds testing with human-derived 3D tumor models, cryopreserved in spheroid microplates. Conveniently stored at - 80 °C in your freezer, the plates with cryo tissues are always available, so you can start an experiment without delays due to logistics or production time. 

Instead of investing time and resources in culturing spheroids, simply take an ARCTis™ plate from the freezer and follow our protocols for convenient and fast scaffold-free formation of uniform spheroids. Our current portfolio encompasses 20 of the most commonly used human cancer cell lines. This means that you can easily study the effect of your compounds on a broad range of tumor models.

Discover ARCTis™ for 3D in vitro cancer research

InSphero's reproducible, reliable and scalable cryopreserved 3D tumor models upscale your 3D in vitro oncology research. Advance your drug discovery experiments through our industry-validated 3D cell culture technology: 

  • Based on Akura™ microplate technology with SureXchange™ ledge (no spheroid loss during medium exchange)
  • Standardized human tumor spheroids, enabling reliable results
  • Ease of mind through certified production with cell line identification based on STR profiling, as well as virus and mycoplasma testing

ARCTis™ - A Game Changer in 3D Cancer Research

The platform allows you to use 3D cell culture for lead testing in a fast and simple manner. This sets the focus on data generation from functionally relevant tumor models.  A quick and convenient process for successful lead characterization.

50% Lower Assay Costs

ARCTis™ Human Tumor models are optimized for reliable formation, uniform size, cell composition, and growth window.

An icon demonstrating InSphero's 3D in vitro human liver model which enables fast and efficient safety assessment projects

80% Faster Assay Start

From freezer to assay-ready 3D tumor spheroids in 72h, so you and your team get a head start in project execution.

Broad Range of 3D Tumor Models

20 cell lines at present - and growing. We are building the largest cryopreserved human 3D tumor models bank in the world: monotypic and co-cultures.

Address idiosyncratic clinical events

100% Reliability

Uniform tumor spheroids in every well, unmet plate-to-plate and batch-to-batch repeatability, guaranteed cell line identity.

ARCTis™ Cryo Tissues - How to prepare plate

InSphero ARCTis™ Oncology - Always Ready Cryo Tissues

ARCTis™ Cryopreserved 3D Tumor Models
Concept & Workflow

Long-term Storage

Conveniently stored at -80°C freezer with months-long shelf life

An icon demonstrating InSphero's 3D in vitro human liver model which enables fast and efficient safety assessment projects


Simple 30 min thawing protocol followed by tissue regeneration within 3-5 days in incubator


Run your assay the same way as with fresh 3D tumor models

Data Analysis

Collect reliable and reproducible data for early-stage decision-making

Cryopreserved 3D Tumor Models | Available Cancer Cell Lines

Available Cell Lines for Brain tissue:

  • HMC3
  • U-87 MG

Available Cell Lines for Breast tissue:

  • T47D

Available Cell Lines for Cervix tissue:

  • HeLa - Please note, HeLa is often seen as a screening reference and less as a disease model

Available Cell Lines for Colon tissue:

  • DLD-1
  • HCT116
  • HCT15
  • HT29

Available Cell Lines for Connective tissue:

  • HT-1080

Available Cell Lines for Kidney tissue:

  • A498

Available Cell Lines for Liver tissue:

  • HepG2

Available Cell Lines for Lung tissue:

  • A549
  • NCI-H1299
  • NCI-H1975
  • NCI-H460
  • NCI-H2170

Available Cell Lines for Ovary tissue:

  • SK-OV-3

Available Cell Lines for Pancreas tissue:

  • Panc-1

Available Cell Lines for Skin tissue:

  • A375

ARCTis™ Human Tumor Product Portfolio

ARCTis™ Plates - Cryopreserved 3d tumor models

ARCTis™ Plates

Select from a portfolio of 20 cell lines and start your experiment right away

ARCTis™ Starter Pack

Test InSphero's innovative ARCTis™ Technology with confidence

ARCTis™ Accessories

Everything you need in addition to the ARCTis™ plates   

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