Akura™ Tilting Stand

Stable tilting of Akura™ Microplate for improved spheroid uniformity

Akura™ Tilting Stand

The Akura™ Tilting Stand is a convenient multi-purpose tool for different handling steps with our Akura™ Plate family. It keeps plates at an angle of 30 degrees during cell aggregation improving spheroid/organoid uniformity. It is also used for medium loading and exchange in the Akura™ Flow 384 Plate.

  • Improved spheroid uniformity through tilting of Akura™ 96/384 Spheroid Plates and directing cells to the edge of the well for efficient aggregation.
  • Safe stacking of up to 4 plates for parallel spheroid/organoid formation
  • Incubator safe and reusable through simple cleaning and sterilization.

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