InSphero InFloat™ Microtissue Shipping System Wins Coveted Red Dot Best-of the Best Award for Product Design

InSphero Introduces Revolutionary New Transport Technology for Shipping Live 3D Cell Culture Models to Laboratories Worldwide

Unique packaging solution, engineered to protect delicate assay-ready 3D cell-based tissue models during express shipping, captivates judges in internationally recognized competition.

Schlieren, Switzerland – August 4, 2020   InSphero AG, the pioneer of 3D cell-based assay technology, today announced that the company has won the prestigious Red Dot Best of the Best award for product design in the category of industrial equipment, and automation for its InFloat™ Shipping Technology. Established in 1955, the Red Dot Award in Product Design recognizes the best products of the year in roughly 50 categories based on criteria for good design standards and innovation. Only truly outstanding products in each category receive the “Red Dot: Best of the Best” award.

“This system for the shipping of living microtissues is characterized by its perfectly aligned functionality,“ according to a statement from the 2020 Red Dot Jury assigned to evaluate the InFloat™ Microtissue Shipping System.

The InFloat™ shipping system ensures that plates of assay-ready 3D InSight™ microtissues not only remain upright, but also secure and at physiological temperatures suitable for live cell cultures during domestic and international transit to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic laboratories worldwide, for drug efficacy and safety testing. This unique packaging solution employs a simple, but ingenious approach, in which a watertight spherical container holding plates of microtissues, floats on water inside a cubical container and can freely rotate. The precious microtissue cargo inside always remains in a stable, upright position even if the exterior box is turned and flipped upside down during transit.

“We are honoured to receive this Red Dot: Best-of-the-Best award,” says InSphero Head of Platforms and Technology Olivier Frey, PhD, who led the InFloat™ design effort. “It’s a testament to the creative, out-of-the-box thinking of our engineering and logistics team as well as the experience of our packaging production partner, Taracell AG.”

With this award, InSphero joins the ranks of Red Dot award-winning companies renowned for innovative product design, including Apple Computer, Bose Corporation, and Sony Imaging Products and Solutions. The InFloat™ Shipping System will be on display at the Red Dot Museum in Essen, Germany, through May 31, 2021.

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About InSphero

InSphero is the pioneer of industrial-grade, 3D-cell-based assay solutions and scaffold-free 3D organ-on-a-chip technology. Through partnerships, InSphero supports pharmaceutical and biotechnology researchers in successful decision-making by accurately rebuilding the human physiology in vitro. Its robust and precisely engineered suite of 3D InSight™ human tissue platforms are used by major pharmaceutical companies worldwide to increase efficiency in drug discovery and safety testing. The company specializes in liver toxicology, metabolic diseases (e.g., T1 & T2 diabetes and NAFLD & NASH liver disease), and oncology (with a focus on immuno-oncology and PDX models). The scalable Akura™ technology underlying the company’s 3D InSight™ Discovery and Safety Platforms includes 96 and 384-well plate formats and the Akura™ Flow organ-on-a-chip system to drive efficient innovation throughout all phases of drug development.

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Frank Junker, PhD
Chief Business Officer
InSphero AG
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InSphero InFloat™ Shipping Technology ensures plates of microtissues always arrive upright, secure, and at the appropriate physiological temperature

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