3D InSight™ Human Beta Cell Proliferation Service

Combining our standardized human islet microtissues with 3D high-content imaging and automated 3D image analysis for the in vitro assessment of pancreatic β-cell proliferation with unmatched predictive power

Isolated donor islets, traditionally used for the study of human β-cell proliferation, suffer from rapidly deteriorating viability and function ex vivo in their intact form, and once dispersed, their β-cells dedifferentiate and hyperproliferate in culture. In contrast, islet microtissues, produced by reaggregation of gently dispersed human islet cells, represent a uniform, functionally robust and long-lived in vitro islet model that preserve native-like endocrine composition and cell-to-cell interactions critical for physiologically relevant proliferative responses. Uniquely, long-term stable functionality and viability of islet microtissues enables in vitro assessment of changes in β-cell and islet mass in addition to proliferation.

Our automated 3D staining, high-content imaging and image analysis platform was developed to utilize human islet microtissues for the evaluation of β-cell and non-β-cell proliferation, fraction and mass, and for the correlation of these descriptive data with functional endpoints for high-throughput study of novel proliferative agents.

Why Study β-cell Proliferation with InSphero?

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Retain physiological relevance with increased throughput

Achieve the physiological relevance of a 3D primary human islet model with the throughput of a 2D assay platform

Expand assay windows

Unlock in vitro assay windows up to 3 weeks for the assessment of changes in β-cell mass in addition to proliferation

Profit from unbiased, automated image analysis

Obtain reliable and unbiased data in record time through our streamlined, automated and 3D optimized image analysis workflows

Correlate your proliferation data with islet function

Assess potential impact on islet function in parallel to proliferation

Your Success is Our Mission

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Our Process

Plan with diligence

We start by selecting the right donor, treatment duration, dosing scheme and stress model suitable for your goals

Execute with precision

Next, islet microtissues treated with your compound or modified for the expression of your target, are subjected to our streamlined 3D-optimized assays and automated analysis pipelines

Conclude with confidence

We help you achieve reproducible and high-quality results that will drive meaningful conclusions.

Propel your research

By assuming the burden of in vitro modeling, we enable you to refocus valuable time on accelerating your research program.

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