Akura™ Twin Microplate

Immune-competent organ-organ cross-talk at scale

Akura™ Twin Microplate

The Akura™ Twin Microplate is designed for organ-organ cross-talk in the presence of immune cells with robust handling as well as reliable culturing and analysis.

  • The plate is based on the Akura™ 384 Spheroid Microplate and includes the unique SureXchange™ ledge engineered to prevent unintended spheroid/organoid and cell aspiration
  • A microchannel connects two adjacent wells enabling soluble factors and single (immune) cells to travel between both wells while the spheroid/organoid remains in its dedicated well
  • A unique ULA coating in the well and microchannel preserves spheroid/organoid morphology and prevent immune cell adhesion in long-term culture
  • Enhanced imaging speed and resolution through flat and highly transparent bottom well

Read out

Access a wide range of read out methods:

  • Anytime access to supernatants using manual or automated pipetting
  • Simple and parallel retrieval of spheroids for lytic assays, histology or RNA sequencing
  • In-situ high-content imaging with minimal optical aberration with a flat and highly transparent COP bottom

Akura™ Twin Starter Kit

Bring Akura™ Twin Microplate into your lab by acquiring our starter kit offering. It’s everything you need to immediately begin investigating complex biological questions in your research:

  • 5x Akura™ Twin Microplate
  • 20x Akura™ 96 Spheroid Microplate
  • 1x 1h Akura™ e-Introduction Session
  • 2x 1h Training (before and after first use)
  • Akura™ Flow Programmable All-In-One Tilter
  • Technology access package for 6 months
  • 2000 USD/EUR/CHF token for purchasing InSphero Products
  • Special discount on additional 5x Akura™ Twin Microplate

Product Documents

Akura™ Twin Overview

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