Akura™ Twin Microplate

Immune-competent organ-organ cross-talk at scale

Discover Akura™ Twin Microplate

The Akura™ Twin Microplate is designed for organ-organ cross-talk in the presence of immune cells with robust handling as well as reliable culturing and analysis.

  • The plate is based on the Akura™ 384 Spheroid Microplate and includes the unique SureXchange™ ledge engineered to prevent unintended spheroid/organoid and cell aspiration
  • A microchannel connects two adjacent wells enabling soluble factors and single (immune) cells to travel between both wells while the spheroid/organoid remains in its dedicated well
  • A unique ULA coating in the well and microchannel preserves spheroid/organoid morphology and prevent immune cell adhesion in long-term culture
  • Enhanced imaging speed and resolution through flat and highly transparent bottom well

Application of Akura™ Twin Microplate

Address present challenges in drug development:

  • Add immune competence to your 3D cell-based assays
  • Study organ-organ cross-talk with side-by-side co-culturing of different spheroids
  • Investigate immune cell / 3D tissue interaction at scales

Akura™ Twin Starter Kit

Bring Akura™ Twin Microplate into your lab by acquiring our starter kit offering. It’s everything you need to immediately begin investigating complex biological questions in your research:

Akura™ Twin Microplate Starter Kit
Akura™ Flow Programmable All-In-One Tilter

Controls gravity-based flow in incubator with intuitive built-in user interface

Pack of 5 plates for up to 192 experimental conditions per plate

Simple handling tool providing gravity-based flow while performing medium exchange under the hood.

For 3D spheroid aggregation before transferring into Akura™ Twin or for collection after experiments and downstream analysis

Learn about concept, design and characteristics of the Akura™ Twin Platform.

Personal support and consulting to set up the first experiments with InSphero’s scientific experts.

Allows for discounted Refills & Voucher (2000 CHF) for InSphero products (valid 6 months)

Akura™ Twin Overview

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