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3D InSight™ Islet Microtissues are uniform, functionally robust, and long-lived organoids derived from primary islets, delivered pre-qualified and assay-ready for studying islet function, regeneration and preservation.

  • Eliminate native islet variability using standardized islet microtissues that are uniform in size, cellular composition, and function
  • Expand your assay window with islet microtissues displaying an average 13-fold glucose-stimulated insulin secretion for more than 28 days in culture
  • Use a physiologically relevant in vitro model reflecting in vivo dynamics of insulin release and native tissue architecture
  • Stop hand-picking islets and substantially reduce assay-handling time with the convenience of validated islet microtissues delivered to your lab in a user-friendly, automation-compatible format

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Find out how our 3D InSight™ Islet Solutions Group really feels about hand-picking islets.

View our webinar featuring InSphero's Head of Islet Solutions Burcak Yesildag and ETH Zürich Bioengineering Systems Expert  Patrick Misun, who will present a novel microfluidics platform for studying human insulin release dynamics.

Islet microtissue chart

Human and Animal-derived Islet Microtissues


Prequalified islet microtissues, available bimonthly.


Standardized islet microtissues, available on demand.

“There are many drawbacks of using isolated pancreatic islets for research, such as inherent heterogeneity in islet size and cellular composition, short ex vivo life span, and variable purity of islet preparations.

Our 3D Select™ Process includes the optimized dissociation of an islet fraction obtained from cell resource centers, followed by a proprietary recovery and cellular self-aggregation step that eliminates contaminating exocrine material. This process allows for precise control over the newly forming islet microtissue size while enabling homogeneous and native-like distribution of endocrine cells within each tissue. The result is a uniform, long-lived, functionally robust islet model you can always rely on.”


Group Head, Islet Solutions

Production of 3D InSight™ Islet Microtissues starts with fine-tuned dissociation of primary donor islets, followed by controlled scaffold-free cellular reassembly and maturation in customized media that support maximum survival and optimal metabolic functionality of highly sensitive primary islet cells.

The resulting uniform islets provide minimal intra-assay and intra-donor variability while sustaining robust and long-term function.

Advantages of an advanced in vitro islet model

InSphero 3D InSight™ Islet Microtissues are next-generation 3D models for Diabetes drug testing and islet research. Learn more about how we produce standardized, long-lived islets in our White Paper.


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