Akura™ 3D SureKit

All-in-One Solution for DILI Compound Testing with Primary 3D Hepatocyte Spheroids

Akura™ 3D SureKit

The Akura™ 3D SureKit provides a validated all-in-one solution to generate and culture organotypic 3D spheroids from primary human hepatocytes.

The 3D SureKit contains frozen primary human hepatocytes and specialized media to aggregate the cells and culture the formed spheroids. 3D optimized Akura™ 96 plates are included to allow for reliable aggregation and loss-free media exchanges. Reference characterization data and dose-response curves for model DILI compounds are provided as benchmark data for your in-house experiments.

  • Hepatocyte lot tested for 3D spheroids formation
  • The best-in-class 3D cell culture compatible Akura™ 96 Spheroid Microplates, which guarantee homogenous aggregation of cells, minimal tissue loss during media exchanges, and an optimized geometry designed to minimize media evaporation
  • InSphero proprietary aggregation and culture media are essential for generating and maintaining spheroids
  • Access to QC data and protocols

Akura™ 3D SureKit - New All-in-one Kit for 3D Liver Microtissue Formation

Akura™ 3D SureKit

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